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Qc3.0 Dual USB Car Charger



1. Input: dc12v-30v
2. Power: 30W
3. Total output current: 6A
4. Qc3.0 output: 5V / 3.1a; 9V / 2A; 12V / 1.6A
5. USB2.0 output: 5V / 3.1a.
6. Micro USB cable parameters: 1 meter long, 3A fast charging, 480mbps data transmission. It can be used in all mobile phones and tablets with Android micro USB.
7. Product features: This is a fast charger for vehicles, including one USB3.0 interface, which can charge 5V-12V voltage; there is also a USB2.0 interface, which is suitable for fast charging of all mobile phones and tablet electronic products such as iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, oppo, etc. It is the first choice for digital products in vehicle charging.